3&4 Bedrooms FLAT
NGN 12,000,000/Annum

Ocean Parade beautifully sits very close to the Atlantic Ocean right at the upper-side of Banana Island with several views of nature including beautiful beach sand, trees and natural gardens.

As a family, you can always have your fun time any time you want by the pool side, in the garden or enjoy beautiful evening walks in the serene, secure and well lighted streets. Your children can always enjoy their playtime at the beautiful, wide and well-equipped playground with children from other background and races, exposing them to diversity and cultural exchange at very early stages.

The rooms are very spacious and well furnished with modern wardrobe. You get to enjoy freshness of nature on your wide balcony in the sitting room or bedroom should you be lucky enough to secure any of the penthouses. The kitchen has everything you need to get started except food, with its double door fridge and freezer, microwave, cooker, dishwasher, oven and very spacious storage shelves. 

Your laundry is easily done in the laundry room well equipped with an industrial size washer and dryer. 

The bathrooms are luxuriously fitted with modern and stylish sanitary wares that you will love.


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