Frequently Asked Questions

Get clarifications on some of the frequently asked questions before you close your deal

01. Getting Started

We have comprehensive information on our website and this does not stop you from getting access to more information. You can simply start by filling out our contact form for a schedule to view your desired properties?

This depends on your long term goals, your financial capacity and availability of properties that meet your taste and budget.

02. Renting

You are in the right place. 

Just check out our available properties and make your choice, schedule an inspection and secure any property you want.

Couldn’t find any property you love here? Use the contact form to make a request and get a quick response within 24 hours.

We advocates of comfortable lifestyle, all our properties are fully serviced

We have readily available short-term apartments you would love. If you can’t find any you love on our website, just use the contact form and speak to any of our agents for immediate response.

When purchasing a home, it is important to perform a thorough assessment of the home’s structure, equipment, and surroundings. Real estate purchase contracts provide appropriate language to protect buyers from purchasing a structurally unsound home, while at the same time protecting sellers from liability. An inspection can be made be scheduled and done within 48 hours

If you love any of our apartment and your budget is not up to the rent, we can help you get a similar offer at the rate of your budget or you can submit an offer for consideration.

03. Buying a Property

The first step to take before you buy a home is to check your financial standing against your preferred property.

This can be solved by talking to a morgage bank and getting a preapproval form filled, if everything checks out you can get your desired property. Another way you can try is also through your bank or any other financial institutions for loans.

Buying a property from First Equitorial is very transparent and easy. Once your financial standing is sorted, and you are satisfied with the property, you can go ahead and sign all legal documents and get your property. It normally takes between 1 Day to 3 Days, but this depends on you and the partners involved.

Sellers can flat-out accept or reject an initial offer. But there a third path that is quite common, sellers can initiate a counteroffer. Remember this: a deal isn’t dead until it’s dead. So, if a counteroffer is proffered by the seller, you’re still in the game. You and your agent just need to review it determine whether the counteroffer is acceptable. If so, then approving it closes the deal immediately. Keep in mind, offers and counteroffers can go back-and-forth many times; this is not unusual and negotiations are a part of what Realtors do as a matter of routine. Each revision should bring both parties closer together on the terms of the deal.

Yes, we also do property upgrade and other construction services through one of subsidiaries

04. Listing Your Properties

You can list as many properties as you have.

You can do this in very simple steps, submit a registration form here on our website, one of our Legal team will reach out in less than 24  hours, get approval and start listing.

Yes, we can help you do the valuation of your property and advice on how you can upgrade for better offer through one of our subsidiaries.

05. Legal and Fees

We adhere to the industry’s best practices and charge the standard fees without any hidden charges.

If you are renting an apartment, you will pay your rent and service charge including agreement and agency fee. 

We do not ask for this fee if you are renting any of our properties but if you are renting a third party property, we cannot guarantee you not paying caution fee.

Yes, if you already made payment and later change your mind for any reason, provided you have not moved into the apartment.

Ready to Buy or Sell?

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