COVID-19 Pandemic and Business in Future

The whole world is experiencing a paradigm shift in approach to life since the advent of COVID-19. Government of many countries have started strategizing and looking into adjustment of policies in the heat of the virus. Business leaders today are focusing on the unprecedented business challenges posed by COVID-19. They are faced with the challenges of ensuring employees are as safe as possible, maintaining financial sustainability, assessing the resilience of supply chains and employing the important systems to support unprecedented levels of remote working and online business, while withstanding the increase in cyberattacks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a major social, economic and technological transformation. It is very likely we won’t do so many things the same way we use to. The work and business we do will definitely take a new shape as many will take advantage of technology innovation. The future is certainly different from today’s norm, which is why we must start working towards the future from now.

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