How To Increase Productivity At Work

Some of the works we do on a daily basis are demanding with a lot of items on our to-do list. If not properly handled our work achievement can be futile due to the large amount of work on desk. Productivity can be achieved without much stress and difficulty if proper steps are taken.

Consider these guidelines to increase productive flow and work smarter.

1. Avoid doing too many things at a time
It is better to approach a work flow by doing things one at a time. According to the popular words ‘ Slow and steady wins the race’. This is true because most times our loads of work are like marathon race, where steadiness is required to win the race and not aggressiveness and speed. In as much as it is good to have the ability to multitask, it is better to get one thing done at a time than to do so many things without absolute achievement.  According to neuroscience professor Earl K. Miller, “Multitasking is not humanly possible.” We fool ourselves when we say we can easily juggle two, three or more tasks at a time. Focus on one task at a time, and you will actually end up completing it faster.

2. Take breaks
Working longer hours does not necessarily mean getting more done, because productivity will be difficult if we are burned out. Studies show that taking regular breaks helps concentration and boosts the mind. Take a five-minute walk around the office, spend 15 minutes taking that mid-afternoon lunch, or take a few minutes nap when necessary.

3. Break your big goals into smaller objectives

Sometimes, looking at our big goals can be overwhelming and the road to getting to these goals may seems long. Defining smaller objectives from these goals can help reduce the long walk to your destination by focusing on one objective at a time. This way you will feel more in control and will be much more productive.

4. Take advantage of when you are most alert

Big goals with difficult and long tasks are not easily achieved within a little timeline. We all sometimes push aside big goals because we are not confident we will accomplish them within a short time. One effective way to deal with this situation is to understand when and how you work best. Handling the difficult task when you are most alert and sound will help achieve much. If you are always at your best in the morning, tackle the big tasks first thing in the morning, and if working at night when everyone is asleep is best for you, then make good use of it. 

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