Our Vision

The vision of First Equitorial is to be the leading real estate company in the industry and our mission is to deliver high-quality, cost effective services when and where they are needed to give clients such edge over and above various challenges militating against returns.



Our People

The Team

Our team members are experienced and committed to ensuring delivery of what clients desire. We take pride in staying up to date with the latest developments in our fields through regular training and development. It is our mission to combine customer service with our innovative capability to deliver our most desirable goal.Our team members continuously build their skills while our manangers oversee the quality of work delivered by our workforce. Our members are sufficiently trained to quickly adapt to the way we work.

First Equitorial,



What We Do

Letting, Leasing & Sales

At First Equitorial Properties we are committed to offering all our clients the highest level of customer service. We often let/lease and sell properties within a reasonable time and always connect with high quality tenants and buyers that satisfy referencing criteria. We have a portfolio that meets the expectations of our clients and we are also committed to figuring out the diverse real estate needs of prospective clients. Our clients have always come back to us and even refer friends and families because we have always met their needs and often surpassed their expectations.

Property Management

Our property management team specializes in the management of properties in a decent and most articulate manner. We maintain proper records and accounts of the properties we manage as expert in the management of homes, large projects such as offices and industrial complexes, shopping centers, apartments, and condominiums.

Facility Management

Our objective over the years is to develop optimum facilities management techniques to solve problems. Our facility management techniques edge various challenges militating against good returns. With our preventative Maintenance Programme (PMP) we deliver the best maintenance system because our PMP techniques prolong the life span of properties.


Our consulting experts provide research, analysis and advisory services to clients in different works of life. We provide our consulting services to developers, investment banks, mortgage lenders, materials producers, builders and property investors.