Attribute of a Reliable Realtor

Reliability is one of the most important attributes any business person can possess for the sustenance and success of his/her business. A Realtor is not an exception, as being reliable is one of the factors that entrench the trust clients and partners have in the ability of the Realtor.

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Building a Cohesive Team

Working for a common goal is an integral part of the activities in a workplace. Building a cohesive team that will accomplish the goals of an organization is crucial if the organization must attain its success. Building a cohesive team is not an easy task, considering the individual differences in terms of culture, background, philosophy and orientation.

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Dangote Refinery On Nigerian Economy

Dangote refinery promises to be a huge success in the Nigerian economy. This massive project, located in the Lekki Free Zone near Lagos is expected to solve the problem of oil shortage in the country, after the failure of the four refineries not been able to meet the needs of the Nigeria's teeming population.

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